Tín Dân – Elevating Production with Leading Technology


Tin Dan Corporation or TDN Corporation is one of the leading companies in providing labeling, filling, packaging, turnkey syringe solutions, and anti-counterfeiting labels in Vietnam. Present in Vietnam since 2007 until now, Tin Dan Corporation has increasingly affirmed its brand in the Vietnamese market in particular and the international market in general.

Always accompanying Vietnamese and international enterprises, Tin Dan comprehends the needs of businesses:

  • What do they want?
  • What do they need?
  • What kind of solutions?

Placing the customer’s position as the top priority, Tin Dan always listens and provides the most optimal and advanced solutions to enterprises. This will help businesses achieve the best production efficiency, long-term cost-saving, and most importantly, contribute to the continuous development of the Vietnamese economy with modern machinery and equipment. Together with a team of dedicated employees who always provide consultation and customer service, Tin Dan is proud to be a trading and service company that delivers the best experience for customers in Vietnam.

Additionally, Tin Dan also continuously learns from leading international experts in production line technology to enhance the quality of the machinery, bringing in equipment that meets international standards to provide the most optimal service for Vietnamese enterprises. Accompanying Tin Dan Corporation are renowned equipment brands such as:

  • Optima Pharma Group – The leading pharmaceutical group from Germany.
  • Label applicator machines integrated with labeling heads from the Herma Group (Germany). Herma is the leading company in Germany for labeling technology.
  • Cab Company (Germany) – The largest label printing system manufacturer in Europe.

With its reputation, professionalism, and extensive experience, Tin Dan Corporation is a machinery supplier that the world’s leading groups trust and appoint as their authorized representative in Vietnam. The major enterprises that Tin Dan has provided equipment for production lines include: CJ Group, OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, Kimberly-Clark Group, and Vietnam Animal Husbandry Industry Joint Stock Company (Vissan)…

Additionally, Tin Dan also participates in anti-counterfeiting efforts in Vietnam. In order to provide customers with trust, recover costs lost from counterfeit goods, and protect the brand reputation of enterprises, Tin Dan became the first and only member of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) in Vietnam. With the goal of preventing counterfeiting in Vietnam, Tin Dan has used modern E-beam technology to emboss holographic images on its anti-counterfeiting labels.

Tin Dan’s anti-counterfeiting labels feature advanced identification features that are being used on currency and security documents worldwide, making them nearly impossible to illegally reproduce. Tin Dan’s solution effectively addresses the widespread issue of “counterfeit anti-counterfeiting labels” in Vietnam, helping to protect the interests of consumers, legitimate product sellers, and manufacturers. With our expertise and experience, we are confident in providing the most comprehensive anti-counterfeiting solution for the business operations of domestic and international enterprises in Vietnam.

With over 11 years of participation in the Propak event, in 2025 TDN Corporation will return with even more surprises for our valued customers, especially in the era of rapidly advancing AI technology. Tin Dan will continuously update information on new machinery, equipment, and technologies for emerging industries, in order to provide our customers with the most optimal solutions.

Source: Tin Dan Corporation



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