Training on producing durian for export from China for the Central Highlands region


After the Bilateral Protocol on Plant Quarantine for Imports of Fresh Durian from Vietnam to China was signed, Vietnam will become the second country after Thailand to have official market access for Vietnam. Fresh durian – high value imported fruit in China.

Currently, we have 123 growing area codes and 57 durian packing facilities registered to participate in the export program to the Chinese market. Photo: Tung Dinh.

This has opened up opportunities and created more growth room for a strong industry of our country, contributing to improving the incomes of hundreds of thousands of farmers, especially in the Central Highlands, Southeast, and Dong Nai. by the Mekong River.

In an open letter recently published in the Vietnam Agriculture Newspaper , Minister Le Minh Hoan pointed out that: “Opportunities only really open, if and only if we fully and strictly comply with regulations and standards. ink from the partner market. The reorganization of production must be done well, associated with standardization of the production process. It is necessary to develop the code of the growing area, the code of the packing facility, and the traceability, to ensure the quality control of the product from the origin…”.

The Minister also conveyed through the conclusion of the ancients: “Whatever you prepare in advance will succeed, if you don’t prepare in advance, you will fail… We will be successful, if we “go together”, “with the same standards”. Prepare in advance, prepare really seriously.”

The Department of Plant Protection is well aware of the management responsibilities and challenges faced in the implementation of this bilateral Decree. Therefore, the Department quickly completed the preparation of full programs, documents and lectures to organize training conferences on relevant contents for localities, businesses and durian packing establishments. export, thereby helping organizations and individuals comply with regulations in the best way and get durian products that fully meet China’s import requirements. Dak Lak and Tien Giang are the provinces with the largest durian growing area and large scale, which is prioritized to organize the first training.

From July 18-20, the Plant Protection Department chaired and coordinated with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Dak Lak province to organize a “Training conference to guide the establishment of durian growing areas and packaging facilities for export to the Chinese market”. for the Central Highlands provinces” for the officers of the Sub-Departments of Cultivation and Plant Protection of the Central Highlands provinces, businesses, individuals and farmers related to durian production and export.

The training content will focus on Chinese regulations related to food safety and phytosanitary, and guide the construction of plantations and durian packing facilities for export to the Chinese market.

Currently, we have 123 growing area codes and 57 durian packing facilities registered to participate in the export program to the Chinese market. Therefore, in order to build areas of materials with quality assurance and traceability in accordance with the requirements of the Protocol, exporting enterprises, growers and technical staff need to master the requirements of regulations. submission of codes for growing areas and packing establishments; general requirements on growing areas, packaging facilities for durian exports to China, record keeping; instructions on the use of fertilizers and pesticides on durian; program of residue monitoring and phytosanitary inspection at the border gate.

The Department of Plant Protection wishes to receive the support and coordination of local authorities with durian growing areas, export packing establishments in the area, related management units, organizations, individuals and durian export enterprises to China to be ready for export to this market.




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