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Product brand/series model: film and sheet extrusion lines
Worldwide Launch
For more than 40 years diamat Maschinenbau GmbH is now Building machines, equipment and Tools to produce, process and recycle Plastics. Especially in the field of flat foil Extrusion diamat has gained a lot of experience and can look down to more than 200 references virtually in all our countries all over the world. Additionally, diamat builds plants for the paper process industry as well as for the field of solar engineering, has a alot of experience in the area of films for technical applications and above all in the thick sheet extrusion business up to thickness of 25mm. Also, lines to produce EVOH barrier foils belongs to their scope of supply and Services. So we not only build high-quality machines but also offer direct und fast contact with our competent service department. Below you will find our Product Company Portfolio - material handling - crystallization and drying - extrusion - smoothing and polishing - lamination - coating - winding - Automation With o

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