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. The Company can offer a wide and long experience (from the 1960s) and different proposals, from small to large scale productions, such as: - PLATE HEAT EXCHANGERS: plants for the pasteurization and for thermal processing (heating and/or cooling) of different kind of product (milk, cream, ice-cream mix, fruit-juice, beer, wine, eggs mixture, and many others). - HTST/ESL pasteurizers - UHT Tubular and plated plants - BATCH PASTEURIZERS AND TANKS. - MILK RECEPTION AND C.I.P. UNITS. - BUTTER CHURNS and BUTTER FORMING machine - ICE CREAM PROCESSING LINES - SOFT DRINK AND JUICES PROCESSING LINES These plants are “TAILOR-MADE” designed according to customer’s specific requirements. Other products for which the Company is worldwide known are: - COMPLETE INSTALLATION ON “TURN - KEY” basis - AUTOMATION - KNOW HOW AND ENGINEERING - MINI DAIRY PLANTS - designed and manufactured to fit requirements of small productions, completely independent skid mounted and autonomous units

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