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Starbucks và Nestle tạo ra liên minh lớn nhất thế giới bán bột kem pha cà phê

Thế hệ millennials ngày một ưa chuộng sản phẩm bột kem pha cà phê (creamer) đã tạo nên cú hích thị trường cho sản phẩm này phát triển. Điều này cũng tạo ra liên minh lớn nhất thế giới giữa Nestle và Starbucks.

Singaporean businesses seek investment in Việt Nam

HÀ NỘI — Singaporean businesses expect to promote co-operation with Việt Nam in the field of smart urban development, the fourth industrial revolution and innovation.

Food companies target increasingly adventurous consumers

Asian consumers are increasingly adventurous about exploring and experiencing new foods and beverages, according to the Vietnamese High Quality Products Business Association.

Việt Nam’s agricultural sector to face fierce competition

Local firms are set to face fierce competition from EU imports thanks to two upcoming agreements between the two sides.


After a nearly-9-year journey, on this Sunday, 30 June, the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) and EU – Vietnam Investment Protection Agreement (EVIPA) will be signed in Hanoi, following the approval of the EU Council early this week.

Vietnamese products seek to increase presence in Japanese market

A week of Vietnam-Hanoi goods kicked off at the AEON Lake Town Mori in Japan’s Saitama prefecture on June 8 as part of a cooperation pact signed between the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT), Hanoi authorities, and Japanese retail group AEON.

Asia Rice-Top hubs see muted activity; fresh supply to weigh on Vietnam rates

Export prices for rice were little changed in major hubs in Asia amid few new deals, with rates for the Vietnamese variety expected to fall further in the coming week as the ongoing harvest picks up pace, boosting domestic stocks.

Climate-smart food production key for agricultural sector

As Việt Nam’s agricultural sector is facing serious impacts of climate change, it is necessary to adapt and improve food production.

Japan’s commitment to Vietnam strengthens the country’s ability to attract global investment

Vietnam’s unprecedented economic growth has captured the world’s attention. Foreign direct investment (FDI) reached $19.1 billion in 2018 — a 9.1 percent increase compared with the previous year.

Top 20 Companies in the Global Packaging Industry 2019

The global packaging industry continues to be dominated by the 20 top packaging companies in the world in 2019.
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